The Dr. Hari Sharma Foundation for South Asian Advancement promotes education regarding South Asia and South-Asian presence in Canada, particularly as it relates to labour. It supports the development of cultural activity within the South-Asian community in Canada, and facilitates socially beneficial activities that disseminate knowledge regarding South Asia.

Hari Sharma Foundation announces Passing of Founding President

VANCOUVER, BC (July 30, 2020) – It is with profound sadness that the Dr. Hari Sharma Foundation announces the passing of the Foundation’s President, Dr. Chinmoy Banerjee on July 29, 2020. 

Foundation’s Lectures:

Hari Sharma Memorial Lecture, 2017: David Barsamian, “Trump, Modi, and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism.”

Hari Sharma Memorial Lecture, 2016: Raj Patel, “Seven Cheap Things: World Ecology and the Future of Food.”

Gursharan Singh Memorial Lecture, 2017: Ishtiaq Ahmed, “An ‘Agreed’ but Violent Partition of India Culminated in Ethnic Cleansing in the Punjab: Why?”

Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Lecture, 2017: Vivek Kumar, “Decoding Ambedkar’s Ideas of Modernity and Nation Building.”

Har Sharma Memorial and Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Lecture, 2016: Anand Teltumbde, : “Red, Blue, and Saffron: Can the Left and Dalits in India Unite Against Hindutva?”